Tuning your equipment is very important to preserve its durability and keep the manufacturer performances to 100%. Your equipment needs to go thru specific stages of the tuning process for the best riding results. When off the production line most of the skis need to be prepared and grinded to flat for the best performances on pist. map
-BASE GRIND : we will grind the base of your equipment with a stone grinding machine to make sure it’s 100% flat. This process will prevent excess material removal and will get rid of minors scratches (all gouges are filled in before this step), a structural aspect will result and allow you to slide on the snow. Depending on the snow conditions and your personal use, this structure can be modified.



affutage des carres -EDGE BASE BEVELLING :this stage is very important, it will allow your equipment to pivot ate on the flat without catching the edges, this will also help you link better your turns and stay stable with a smooth feeling.

-SIDE EDGING: it is critical to keep the edges sharp to get a good side grip on steeps and be able to keep control and stop at all times !


-WAXING : Using a specific iron we will apply a layer of wax on the base of your equipment that will absorb. After scraping and brushing carefully the excess of wax a thin layer will remain and will provide better gliding performances. This process also preserve the base and is recommended before storage period fartage à chaud         raclage des skis
Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology machinery to maintain and tune your equipment.

Our skilled technicians follow a very specific protocole but are open to any special request (race structure, specific angle for the edges, different wax..). We can also do any kind of repairs like base patches, de-lam or damages edges or sidewal

Reichmann DTS-U Pro
We are not like other rental ski shops that also provide ski services, we are specialists and we have the right tools and knowledge to get the job properly done.

We are very closed to our our customers to respond your demand, you can trust us !





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